Recent Before & After Photos

A Laundry Room Made to New

Fire damage can damage your entire property, but SERVPRO of Torrance can fix the damage "Like it never even happened." Our experience in fire damage remediation... READ MORE

Stunning Dining Room

Fire damage struck this Torrance home, destroying the dining room creating a mess. Our technicians came in and were able to restore it to perfect condition. Our... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

Here, mold is hidden in the vents of a home. This is dangerous as mold can produce allergens that may affect humans. It is best to steer clear of the affected a... READ MORE

Ah! What a Beautiful Living Room

We give you results! Water damaged is not to be feared when SERVPRO is here. To learn more abut water damage and what you can do to protect your property from i... READ MORE

Drying the Carpet

Having a clean carpet is essential to a beautiful home... but what happens when water damage dirties it?! Well, no need to worry. We have the technology and tra... READ MORE

Bad Leaks

Here the roof of this commercial property was old, so the heavy rains caused water to leak through nearly flooding the area. We came in and dried the affected a... READ MORE

All Demoed and Done

Here, storm damaged cause the ceiling of a home to collapse. The owners wisely called SERVPRO, and we were able to clean up the mess and fix the great damage. N... READ MORE

Storm Damage? No Sweat!

If your property's roof is old, during heavy rains it may leak causing floods and/or water damage. In the event of something like this, call a disaster restorat... READ MORE

Hidden Mold Taken Care Of

Here, some mold was hidden behind the baseboards. This can happen from an untreated flood, leaving water there to sit and grow mold in the nooks and crannies of... READ MORE

New Bathroom, New Me!

In the process of remediation, our technicians target the affected areas and remove (demo) them. After, the client can choose SERVPRO or another company to reco... READ MORE