Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation Job in Progress

When water seeps into dark nooks and crannies in your property, mold growth is likely to happen. That's what happened here after a storm, moisture was caught in... READ MORE

Storm Damage is no Match For us!

Wow! Look at the caliber of damage a hefty storm did to this Torrance property. The water seeped into the walls from the roof and left moisture in places that a... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

Here, mold is slyly hidden in the vents of a Torrance home. This is dangerous because mold can produce allergens that may affect humans and your loving animals.... READ MORE

Bad Leaks

Here, the roof of this commercial property was old, so the heavy rains caused water to leak through nearly flooding the area. This shows how important it is to ... READ MORE

All Demoed and Done

Here, storm damaged cause the ceiling of a home to collapse. How dangerous that looks! Water seeped into the beams and walls of the home compromising its struct... READ MORE

Storm Damage? No Sweat!

If your property's roof is old, during heavy rains it may leak causing floods and/or water damage. In the event of something like this, call a disaster restorat... READ MORE