Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Hallway Restored!

In the water damage restoration process, we inspect the moisture content of the affected areas using a moisture meter. Here, the bottom of the walls contained u... READ MORE

Ah! What a Beautiful Living Room

We give you tangible results! Here, water damage struck this Torrance property. A pipe burst in the rear bathroom causing a major flood. We came in and dried th... READ MORE

Drying the Carpet

Having a clean carpet is essential to a beautiful home... but what happens when water damage dirties it?! Well, no need to worry. We have the technology and tra... READ MORE

Hidden Mold Taken Care Of

Here, some mold was hidden behind the baseboards of a Torrance home. Mold is often very sneaky like this, growing in the places often neglected by the human eye... READ MORE

Fire Remediation Done Right

A fire can reach even the deepest corners of your property that you thought would never be touched. Here, it damaged the crawl space in a Torrance home. Let us ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Torrance Home

When water damage struck this Torrance home, SERVPRO was able to restore the damaged walls and electrical outlets. To do this, we must place air movers and dehu... READ MORE