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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Fire Damage

The fire started from a candle in this home in Hawthorne CA. Fire clean ups must be handled with ultimate care as fires can be devastating to someones life. The... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage and Remodel,Torrance,C.A.

Water damage and construction due to a shower pan leak in Torrance, CA. After mitigation service provided to dry out the structure of this Torrance home. SERVPR... READ MORE

Any employers most dreadful, lurking nightmare… MOLD!

Some aspects of the before photo have been blurred to protect customer privacy. Hush-hush now! Any employers most dreadful, lurking nightmare… MOLD! Unco... READ MORE

Are you selling your home? NOT in this condition!!

If you're thinking about selling your home? Water damage/mold inspection, restoration services, and construction are, perhaps, at the top of your agenda! In rem... READ MORE


Suicides, murders, severe cuts, and accidents happen everyday and the aftermath of such tragedy may be lethal to your health; and can be forever damaging to tho... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Process

Every mold infestation is different, from the extent and type of growth, to the variety of materials affected. Each scenario requires a unique solution, but the... READ MORE

Commercial Repairs in Torrance,

This Torrance, CA Business went through a distressing and horrendous category three water damage. Employees returned to work from a relaxing weekend only to fin... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

This Torrance, CA home went through extensive mold remediation. Mold can affect anyone anywhere around the world, mold can be in your home with no signs at all.... READ MORE

What to do about this MOLD

NOT understanding what makes one company better than another can make it extremely confusing, scary and difficult to choose a reliable company to take care of y... READ MORE

Commercial Flood

Residential water damage can be costly for any homeowner. Yet commercial water damage restoration can cost companies even more. Water damage can cause extensive... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

This home in Torrance, CA went through a very extensive water damage. This water damage resulted in a pack out of contents and demolition to all rooms that were... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This Torrance, CA Commercial Business had a water damage. How can this happen? There are three major sources of water damage for buildings. These include:•... READ MORE

Just a little Water Damage....no big deal right? Wrong!

This home in Torrance, CA found a small leak that turned into a big deal! One key aspect that impacts the extent of water damage is the type of water released. ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Torrance Home

When water damage struck this Torrance home, SERVPRO was able to restore the damaged walls and electrical outlets. To do this, we must place air movers and dehu... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Torrance Home

This is the kitchen of a Torrance home before and after SERVPRO's restoration job. Not only do we specialize in disaster cleanup, but also reconstruction. Just ... READ MORE

Hard Water Damage Repair Work

Our highly trained technicians hard at work repairing a flight of stairs in a Torrance home. SERVPRO is here to remediate your water, fire, and mold damaged pro... READ MORE

Fire Remediation Done Right

A fire can reach even the deepest corners of your property that you thought would never be touched. Here, it damaged the crawl space in a Torrance home. Let us ... READ MORE

A Dry Carpet

This commercial property suffered from water damage due to a pipe burst. In commercial properties, the bathroom is usually public and people can flush things do... READ MORE

A Fire Damaged Garage

Here, a garage was struck by outrageous fire damage in a Torrance home. Our highly trained SERVPRO technicians were able to restore the structure of the space l... READ MORE

New Bathroom, New Me!

In the process of remediation, our technicians target the affected areas and remove (demo) them. After, the client can choose SERVPRO or another construction co... READ MORE

Hidden Mold Taken Care Of

Here, some mold was hidden behind the baseboards of a Torrance home. Mold is often very sneaky like this, growing in the places often neglected by the human eye... READ MORE

Storm Damage? No Sweat!

If your property's roof is old, during heavy rains it may leak causing floods and/or water damage. In the event of something like this, call a disaster restorat... READ MORE

All Demoed and Done

Here, storm damaged cause the ceiling of a home to collapse. How dangerous that looks! Water seeped into the beams and walls of the home compromising its struct... READ MORE

Bad Leaks

Here, the roof of this commercial property was old, so the heavy rains caused water to leak through nearly flooding the area. This shows how important it is to ... READ MORE

Drying the Carpet

Having a clean carpet is essential to a beautiful home... but what happens when water damage dirties it?! Well, no need to worry. We have the technology and tra... READ MORE

Ah! What a Beautiful Living Room

We give you tangible results! Here, water damage struck this Torrance property. A pipe burst in the rear bathroom causing a major flood. We came in and dried th... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

Here, mold is slyly hidden in the vents of a Torrance home. This is dangerous because mold can produce allergens that may affect humans and your loving animals.... READ MORE

Stunning Dining Room

Fire damage struck this Torrance home, destroying the dining room creating a mess. The walls, floors and ceilings were not only burned from the raging fire, but... READ MORE