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Why Isolation is the Perfect Time for Home Maintenance

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

hidden mold How mold can hide in your home and grow over time.

Here in California the weather is getting hotter while we remain in lockdown. The outside grows more tempting but we must remain indoors until it is safe for everyone to begin life again. But for now, what can we do to occupy our time and feel productive? Like mentioned in our previous blogs, inspect your home for damage!

Though Southern California does not experience much rain, the winter season this year brought us a good amount of stormy days to offset the intense summers. But, with rain comes hidden home damage that is easily overlooked. Especially since rain is not a frequent thing we Californians prepare for. It is important we do not forget about this type of damage from storms even though it may not happen in our area as much.   It is in your best interest to check your property for any hidden leaks in the walls, crawl space, or through the ceiling. Unwanted moisture will promote mold growth, damaging your property. Also, the rain can bring up mud and dirt outside which has the possibility of shifting to affect your home. This can happen through mudslides or at the bottom of sloped land. 

These are some things to consider after storms to make sure your home has endured it properly. And if not, that is okay! Call us at (310) 321-2112 to inspect your property. We will give you a clear and accurate estimate of the damage costs and repair time. Call us if you want it  to look “Like it never even happened.”

Pluggin’ the Gutter

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Dirt in gutter Clean your gutters to prevent home damage.

Gutters are an easy thing to forget about, and they seem to only be remembered in the middle of a storm. Storms can do some powerful damage to your property as far as water goes (trust me, water goes pretty far). If your gutters happen to be clogged in the middle of a storm, there can be some hefty destruction.

When the gutters become clogged, all the water from a storm will run off the roof. Instead of being routed through the gutter’s drainage system, all the water flows off to the side of the home/property. If you’re unaware that the gutters are clogged, this can lead to water spilling and then sitting all along the sides of your property, which can lead to issues such as water and foundation damage.

It’s mostly recommended to clean out your gutters twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.We say mostly, mostly because different areas have different climates. For example, an area with a lot of trees could require you to clean your gutters more often. A more desert landscaped area could get by with the recommended two cleanings.

In the event that your gutters do clog during a storm and property has been damaged, you can call SERVPRO 24/7 to get repair underway. SERVPRO of Torrance is available at any time to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Goblin on the Sales Floor

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Imagine: the quarantine has been lifted, the stores are open, and the shoppers eagerly await outside. It’s the first time anyone has been allowed to shop in person since the lockdown. It’s opening time; the doors have just opened to the customers on the other side. All the shoppers waltz into your commercial property. They’re excitedly running through the aisle and whizzing through the products. 

There is a moment of pure joy throughout. Life seems to be returning to normal again. Then, there is a shrieking cry from a customer in the middle of the sales floor.  The manager of your property rushes to see what’s the matter. A woman named Karen is passed out on the ground next to a smelly, giant mold goblin. Where did this mold goblin come form? He’s the result of a leaky pipe that was dripping unnoticed throughout the entire quarantine.

Even though it can seem like the world has stopped since we are all stuck in our homes, the fact is that commercial properties still stand against the elements. Burst pipes, mold, storm damage, and fires can still happen at commercial properties, and all situations should be addressed in a timely manner to avoid prolonged damage from happening. The phones at SERVPRO are open 24/7, so we can make it “Like it never even happened.” Call SERVPRO of Torrance for all your restoration needs on your commercial property.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Business During COVID-19

5/3/2020 (Permalink)

sorry we're closed sign Don't let this stop your commercial business from maintaining its cleanliness and safety!

Times are tough here in America during COVID-19. The situation changes by the day and everyone is asking themselves, “When will everything go back to normal?” Unfortunately, no one knows the answer to that question. But, there are things we can do while in isolation to still gain a sense of routine and normality. 

For commercial business owners, essential or not, it is imperative that business operating properties are maintained throughout the lockdown to ensure when things are up and running again, you are able to operate at full potential. If your business is temporarily closed, it’s insides and out have been untouched making hidden and timely damage like mold prone to happening. So what can one do to avoid this?

As a business owner, you should be able to visit your commercial property during the pandemic to check for these things. Our blog on Commercial Business Maintenance covers all of the routine things to check on a property of business nature. Just because business is not running doesn't mean property maintenance is not required. Take this extra step for your property and your business will be in the best shape possible for when our country begins to open its doors again.

If confronted with any problems during your commercial property maintenance check up, call us at our 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service line (310) 320-2112. We will answer to any questions or comments you have, and if needed an inspection of your property can be scheduled. We are here to help during COVID-19! 

How SERVPRO Can Help Amid COVID-19

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

woman wearing surgical mask SERVPRO is still here to serve amid Coronavirus

SERVPRO has been providing you with top of the line restoration services since 1967. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we are still here to serve you in your property’s needs. Essential business is still underway to keep our country moving forward despite the setbacks. If during these times, your essential commercial property is affected by any type of damage be it water, fire, mold, or biohazard, we are able to come out and make it “Like it never even happened.” Our workers have professional class PPE gear that is required to wear when working with black mold or category 2 and up water damage. 

To schedule an inspection for your property, call us at our 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service line (310) 320-2112. It is essential that the homes and businesses of America stay intact and damage-free. Our homes and commercial properties are needed more than ever now to provide us with safe spaces to socially distance, isolate, or be on the front lines saving lives. Call today for any more questions you may have on the extent of our services. We are here to help in these times!

Bored in Isolation? Inspect Your Home!

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

checking sink drain and disposal Be like this guy and check your sink drain and disposal!

You may be sitting on your couch right now, isolated at home feeling as if you have run out of things to do. Los Angeles County has been in quarantine due to the Coronavirus for several weeks now. But, it has done us well compared to other parts of our beloved country that are experiencing hospital overloads and death tolls in the thousands. But aside from all of the information we know and read about everyday, what is something you can do at home during isolation? And something that will make you feel accomplished, and like you’ve done a good task for the day?

In theme with SERVPRO, the best thing we can suggest to do at home is to inspect your property for any type of hidden damage or appliance parts/equipment in need of repair or replacement. Some things to check are pipes under the sink for leaks, behind the toilet, and around the corners of your bath or shower. These places are prone to mold growth, which happens over time. If these commonly neglected areas have not been checked, quarantine is the perfect time to do so! And while you’re at it, consider the maintenance of these things by cleaning the pipes with chemical drainers that can be ordered online. Check the pipes in your kitchen and the appliances’ functioning to prevent home fires, which are most often caused by cooking equipment. 

If you are inspecting and happen to come across something suspicious, call us here at SERVPRO to come and formally evaluate the situation for you. Our 24 hours 7 days a week emergency service line is (310) 320-2112. We will pick up and answer to any question or predicament you may have. Stay healthy!

SERVPRO is still in Service to Assist in Fire Damage During COVID-19

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

pan on stove in flames SERVPRO is here during the Coronavirus pandemic to maintain your home's comfort!

With the state of things in America, daily life is changing by the day. Nearly the entire country is ordered to stay at home to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 cases. With orders to stay in, more time than usual is being spent using the appliances, tools, and functions that your home provides to assist in comfortable living. But as we know all too well here at SERVPRO, accidents happen. Most home fires start from cooking equipment, followed by heating appliances. Read our blogs on fire damage to learn more about fire damage preparedness. 

SERVPRO is considered an essential service, so during the quarantines and lockdowns, we are still on call 24/7 to assist in your property’s remediation needs. You do not have to live hours a day with a burned hole in your wall or a problematic pipe leak. Call our 24/7 service line at (310) 320-2112 to schedule an inspection for your home. SERVPRO also specializes in bio-hazard cleanup, so our workers have access to proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep you and your house occupants at ease in the restoration process. SERVPRO is here to assist in these historic times!

What to do If You’re Sick During These Times

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

woman sneezing in a tissue Keep yourself protected and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Right now, the whole nation is weary of the novel coronavirus that's sweeping over the continents. Its name plastered on every media front, driving consumers to raid the stores and stock up on necessities before anything closes. The state of emergency that is happening is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. But, what should you do during these times if you’re just sick? In public people may give you a look at the sound of your cough, or a side eye when you sneeze. This is just due to ignorance, and is why we are here to provide you with prevention tips and good practices for when you’re sick. 

It is unfortunately the worst time to be sick, as a weakened immune system during the coronavirus spread can be jeopardizing. That is why If you are sick now, it is obvious that the best option is to stay home, decreasing contact with large amounts of people. But, this is not always the case for us in a country that thrives off the endless productivity of the workforce. Life still goes on even when we are sick, and the bills still come in even when the virus is changing the dynamic of the country. If you must attend work, run errands, or perform any other outside activity while you are sick, here’s what to do to keep yourself from spreading germs. 

Wearing a mask is necessary while you’re sick to constantly provide protection between your nose, mouth and the surrounding air, preventing any airborne illnesses transmitting to someone else. This is also why covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough, not with your hand, but with your elbow or even better, a tissue is safe practice from preventing sickness. After using a tissue to cover a cough sneeze, or blow the nose, dispose of the tissue in the trash and wash your hands after for 20 seconds or more. Clean and disinfect places you have been around frequently, also little things you touch in the home like sink handles, door knobs, countertops, lightswitches, phones, and anything else touched by a sick hand. You can do this using a household bleach or alcoholic solutions bought from your local store. If these supplies have sold out in your town, SERVPRO provides house cleaning and disinfecting services that you can learn more about by clicking here. 

Hopefully these tips and practices will give you confidence in how you are dealing with sickness during these delicate times. Stay safe and protected, and don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO at (310) 321-2112 for more information.

How to Prevent Coronavirus

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

coronavirus Coronavirus

In light of the current spread of novel coronavirus, SERVPRO of Torrance would like to share a few methods to help you stay healthy in these concerning times. First, it is important to provide some background on what the virus is, and how it can affect you. It is important to note that the coronavirus is a virus, not bacteria, so it won’t be killed by antibiotics. The virus is also airborne, meaning you can contract it if you are within 6 feet from an infected person. 

The best way to prevent a rapidly spreading illness like this is to keep clean and keep your immune system up. This means eating clean, healthy foods that will fuel a healthy immune system. Proper nutrients are essential when preventing any illness so try to particularly stay away from fast/processed food. Try to wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds under warm water. If soap isn’t accessible at the moment, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Also avoid touching the face and eyes with unwashed hands.

It is essential to stay home as much as possible. The less person-to-person contact you have, the better chances you have of evading the virus. Try to work from home as much as possible. If you work in a service/retail job, avoid touching your face and eyes throughout your whole shift. Wear a mask whenever you are in close contact with sick people and avoid physical contact like hugs and handshakes. It would also benefit to keep your home clean as well. A healthy environment will reflect in your mood and productivity. 

SERVPRO of Torrance wishes you all the best during this unpredictable situation with the coronavirus. If you find that common household cleaning items are not in stock at your local store, don’t hesitate to call our phones that are open 24/7 to ask about our deep cleaning services. Be well; stay happy and healthy!


2/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks in formation SERVPRO, serving the community since 1967.

Lots of people stumble upon our website every day and see that we provide construction and restoration services. You might be thinking “so what?” Why would I decide to choose this company over any of the other restoration companies out there? 

The phones at SERVPRO of Torrance are open 24/7. This means that no matter the time of day, if you have an emergency, we will respond and quickly execute a plan for repairs to get under way. Even if it’s not a disaster and you just discover a bunch of mold in your garage at 2 a.m., we will gladly send a technician out to assess the problem and quickly shut off the source to prevent growth. This is just one example of how SERVPRO can be a convenient help in a sticky situation.

SERVPRO doesn’t only deal in residential buildings. We have the manpower and equipment for commercial building that need that TLC and a good scrub down to get them back and running in no time. 

To add, the beauty of the franchise system means that the owner is directly involved in all proceedings of work done on your property. Any question you have will be answered not by a machine, but by the person that is directly connected to corporate and overseeing all the work that is being done by our skilled technicians. 

SERVPRO franchises are run by caring, and hardworking people; SERVPRO of Torrance is no exception.  We understand that navigating through a disaster can be a difficult time, and we’ll make sure to guide you to the best possible outcome with safety as the top priority. Don’t hesitate to call for all your restoration needs.