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Avoid Property Damage this by Following these Tips!

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

"Happy Thanksgiving" test surrounded by festive decorations and cuisine Have a safe Turkey Day from your friends here at SERVPRO of Torrance!

Thanksgiving is a time to convene with friends and family, delight in a delicious feast and reminisce about the things we are thankful for in life. You do not expect grave accidents such as kitchen fires or any other mishap during this time of the year. At SERVPRO, we care and want you to be informed on how to prevent property damage at your home. The following are things you should watch out for as we enter the festive season.

  • Kitchen Fires

With guests coming in, it is easy to get distracted while prepping and cooking food. Kitchen fires spread widely and can cause grave property damage. It is advisable to check on the food frequently, especially those cooking in the oven. Turkey, for instance, cooks for a long time. Therefore, it is important that you set a timer to avoid overcooking or burning the long awaited stake. Also, ensure that whoever is cooking is wearing loose, billowing cloth. Most often than not, the fabric can easily catch fire. Better still, ensure that there are no flammable items near the oven’s flame. Lastly, avoid consuming alcohol during cooking. You want to be grateful in a safe environment that will not put the lives of your friends at risk.

  • Electric Appliances

You ought to ensure that all appliances are turned off when leaving the house. Check that the alarm is working in case kids want to be naughty in other areas of the room. In case there are faulty appliances, keep them out of reach or have them fixed. Security alarms are often equipped with fire alarms. Consider checking that there are no loose wires in every electric equipment you have in the house.

  • Insurance Policies

As a homeowner hosting a group of people at your place, it is advisable to review the insurance policies to ensure they are shielded in the event of an unanticipated accident. For example it is highly advisable to check the social host liability regulations in your state so they are aware of their liability if a guest suffers home or when the property is damaged. You should consider having an umbrella policy to avoid limitations on coverage or denial of the protection for social host liability. SERVPRO of Torrance is also dedicated to help in these areas, do not hesitate to call us in case of anything.

Happy thanksgiving!


9/10/2021 (Permalink)

As a pioneer in rendering disaster recovery and restoration services, SERVPRO consists of highly trained staff who are ready to guarantee customers the service they deserve. We have crews on the ground to aid families and businesses in recovering of their property following a disaster. Our experts ensure that waitlists are minimized each day. Although response time is varied, SERVPRO is committed to assisting clients and customers swiftly.

The foundations of our business include water, fire and mold restoration. SERVPRO believes in effective training to counter any sized disaster at the earliest convenience. Whenever you need emergency fire or storm damage restoration, SERVPRO has the equipment, experience and personnel to clean your house and return it to its normal state. Our company is unique from other restoration services in that our advanced cleaning methods and techniques help customers save time and money.

Since many catastrophes such as fire, floods and smoke can leave serious damages to a home or a business, SERVPRO has positioned itself in thousands of locations across the country, and is ready to tackle restoration projects far and wide. Our company offers the best restoration services to ensure that your home or business returns to its former glory after a strike. 

We offer 24/7 emergency service and have a Better Business Bureau rating of A-. Instead of coming in and replacing every damaged good, our team takes the approach of repairing and restoring first. Once you find a location near you, feel free to reach out to request an inspector who will assess the damage and render an approximation of the restoration services. We are here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Pertinent Information Regarding Storm Damage

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

Adverse weather can damage your roof and property in numerous ways. To assess storm damage means to identify the sore points of your property, anticipating damage from the elements. The first is fallen debris, which are often fallen trees. Experienced roof repair experts would contend that storms could render your home a beating with huge branches. The twigs and branches do not necessarily detach from the tree to damage your property. Heavy limbs hovering at high velocity can break your ceiling/roof into two, allowing water infiltration.

The second kind of storm damage is blow-off. Loose roofing materials can tear and get lifted by high winds. Consequently, the underlying deck will be exposed and left susceptible to the elements. In the case your roofing materials withstand, strong winds could compromise the seal which binds them, making them vulnerable to wind-driven rain. Notably, this type of storm damage may not result in a leakage immediately. However, theywill need a roofing repair and restoration service to prevent further damage.

Another kind of storm damage is a snow-inflicted collapse. The utter weight of snow can make your roof cave in. Opportunely, a roof collapse often indicates red flags before it happens. Before breaking down, you are likely to witness leaks or cracking sounds. If you are cautious, you should consider reaching out to a repair and restoration service like SERVPRO as soon as possible. We will ensure that the excessive snow on your roof is removed.

Although there is no way to stop a storm from hitting your home, it is vital to follow up on local news concerning possible adverse weather conditions. This should give you time to evacuate and salvage your possessions and protect your family from harm’s way. In case the damage is already done, it is prudent to assess the damage and consider calling in on us, SERVPRO, who will instruct on what to do next. Fortunately, we will contact your insurance provider and homeowner to ensure that your premise is restored in a timely manner at lower costs.

Trust us to mitigate the damages done to your property. We understand the stress that comes with natural disaster damage, and minimize that stress while rendering your property as good as new.

Commercial Property Restoration Solutions

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

40% of businesses that experience a disaster never reopen. It is a damning statistic that every business owner must take heed of if they are to register a sustainable commercial enterprise in an environment of increasing uncertainty. Disaster preparedness, in many ways, can serve to not only protect your revenue channels but also your reputation. It also helps you limit your ability in a complex environment. The present economy has placed a significant price on commercial real estate facilities and assets which makes it vital for business organizations to partner with disaster response partners that are pre-registered and experienced enough to implement complex disaster response and recovery procedures in case of emergencies.

Essential Features of Commercial Property Damage Mitigation and Recovery Measures in Natural Disasters

Our company specializes in setting up the relevant systems and procedures that help organizations complete a total recovery process in the shortest amount of time possible. For example, we help our clients deal with tenants, managing first responders, insurance companies, restoration contractors, and other experts involved in coordinating disaster recovery efforts.

In handling natural disasters using a Disaster Recovery Plan, our clients fundamentally position themselves to complete through by being proactive even when they are hit hardest by emergencies. Disaster-preparedness enables individual organizations to minimize expenses, damages, and reputation loss to their stakeholders.

Most importantly, acute disaster management plans help businesses to partner with an entity that is loyal to you. It is a vital part of business that helps you make the right decisions without having to haggle with value adjusters and insurance companies who are looking to their bottom lines as well. Our company staff has the experience and expertise required to spring into action whenever emergencies come to the forefront. 

SERVPRO, an Industry Leader in Restoration

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

As an industry leader in disaster recovery and restoration services, SERVPRO is well-equipped with trained and certified staff, eco-friendly cleaning products, and powerful industrial equipment. Our team of professionals works hard to restore your residential and commercial property back up and running in as little time as possible. We also work with our clients by developing customized contingency and emergency plans that help to deal with future disaster recovery efforts. 

Since the founding of the company, SERVPRO has set itself apart from its industry peers by providing unrivalled experience in the quest to meet client needs. SERVPRO serves a wide variety of industries through advanced technology and cleaning techniques that save our clients’ time and money. As such, we are proud to help and strengthen the reputation of innumerable businesses in the country. At SERVPRO, we focus on the safety of your employees, family members, and guests. We continue to train the SERVPRO staff by enhancing quality assurance practices and adherence to the law regarding the safety of businesses and communities in all our endeavors. 

Our disaster restoration team will be on the scene when you need us the most. Partner with SERVPRO to establish a thorough and comprehensive disaster restoration and recovery plan for your business!

Fire Damage Effects Overview

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Fires can often be underestimated as they begin small but can grow to have devastating effects in a short span of time. Fire damage usually comes in two forms: flames and smoke. 

Flames will definitely consume everything they touch. They can corrupt the integrity of large structures including the building itself. They also destroy objects by reducing them into ash. Unfortunately, few property owners consider the damaging effect of smoke on the property and the extent it takes to restore the property to its previous condition. 

During a fire disaster, smoke will always find the coolest areas to settle. As such, it will travel through plumbing, vents, and other openings as it goes to higher areas in a housing structure. It will stain and provide a distinct odor to one’s belongings. As such, anything spared from flames is often rendered useless due to smoke. 

Prompt Decision Making 

As is the case with any other emergency, a clear action plan is the best way to address fire damage. Fire damage not only destroys property by turning it into ash but also contaminates it through color and odor. Additionally, fire damage can result in the production of toxic chemicals due to the effect of fire on different materials as they get heated up together. These factors necessitate the need to respond as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage. 

Fire Damage Recovery Essentials 

In the event of a fire disaster, it's crucial to have a disaster recovery plan. The plan must detail the steps taken after the occurrence of a disaster and must include detailed contact information for the main stakeholders who get to visit the concerned commercial or residential property.  The plan should also have details on any critical resources or property that need to be recovered. 

It is also important to turn to your insurance company to help you navigate the immediate financial hurdles that come with restorative action on the property after fire damage. A strong partnership with your insurance firm provides you with the best chance of quick recovery time in the event of fire damage. 

It is highly recommended to turn to experts when it comes to fire damage repairs to assist in other technical aspects of property restoration. Fire-related disasters result in highly complex problems which include physical and chemical damage. Fire residues are acidic, abrasive, and contain carcinogens. Working with professionals who specialize in fire recovery efforts as quickly as possible helps to deal with fire damage in the safest and quickest way possible.

For more in-depth information regarding the effects of fire damage, visit our fire damage category blog page

Emergency Ready Plan for your Torrance Property

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Southern California is a special place to live, where 50 miles in each direction guides you to a different ecological environment that warrants its own forces of nature. One event that is felt by the region and state alike is an earthquake. California’s school system requires the administration to plan for earthquakes by performing drills and safety practices to prepare for “the big one.” The California Department of Public Health also requires all establishments to draw out an earthquake evacuation plan to be reviewed by a representative of their safety division.

SERVPRO of Torrance is here to help you develop the plans your business needs to confront an emergency situation like an earthquake, along with other damage situations like fire or water with confidence. As good practice, we create Emergency Ready Plans for commercial businesses in the community. These reports denote shut-off switches and valves for the property’s supply lines, nearest hospitals, evacuation sites, and the safest points of entry and exit for occupants of the building in the event of an emergency situation. If you are a property owner reading this and it is something that interests you, call us today to request an Emergency Ready Plan tailored to your commercial space. We will send members of our team out to your property to assess the safest routes and primary locations to keep note of if a natural disaster were to occur. Contact us at (310) 320-2112, and we will be there to help.

Water Damage Prevention Essentials

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

Furniture underwater in residential home's living room Call SERVPRO today for an inspection to prevent detrimental water damage!

There are specific forms of natural disasters that result in severe water damage to private and public property. These natural disasters include severe weather storms and floods that may result in weakened roofs, busted pipes, HVAC leaks, sewage backup, and overflowing appliances in residential and commercial buildings. Evidently, extensive water damage to property is highly distressing and threatens the value and safety of the property. As such, it’s vital to address such emergencies with expediency to prevent further property damage. Organizational readiness is an important requirement that is proven to help both our residential and commercial clients in handling water property damages.

Prompt Decision Making

The most crucial aspect of action during water damage emergencies is the presence of a clear action plan that provides a way to address property damage and to stop it as soon as possible so that life resumes back to normal. It is naïve to hesitate at this juncture as water damage results in progressive deterioration of property values. It is encouraged that property owners make wise decisions ahead of time designed to mitigate property damages during emergencies such as natural disasters. Your aim should be focused on a speedy restoration of property in a painless fashion on the onset of water damage.

Essential Steps to Keep in Mind when Addressing Water-Related Disasters

It is essential to begin the building process once the process of water damage has run its course and it is safe to resume life as it was once before. At this point, it is prudential for heads of families, or organizational leaders, to ensure that everyone is safe. Water damage, in all its forms, has the potential to affect a person’s health and safety as a result of contaminated water, mold growth, and flood dangers. Simple steps, such as shutting off electricity through switching off the circuit breakers and evacuation of flooded areas can help prevent further damage to property and human lives. Even though one may not have enough time, it is encouraged for people to rescue the most important equipment and documents before evacuation is complete.

Subsequently, the source of the water problem must be identified and stopped through proactive and mitigation measures that focus on both the present and future scenarios. It is also advisable to contact your insurance company to help you navigate emergencies through effective claims. Calling immediately and at the onset of the emergency gives the best chance to professionally navigate the water damage problem. It also helps with the documentation process that outlines the extent of water damage. Finally, property owners can start drying out their property within 24 hours so as to mitigate against the growth of mold and mildew, especially wood and other sensitive material and fabric.

It is also advisable to turn to experts in water damage repairs to assist in other technical aspects of property restoration. We can help deal with issues such as insulation, drywall, baseboards, and carpeting restoration. It is also recommended to seek advice on the damaged property such as electronics and documents.

Preventing Mold Growth in Commercial Properties

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

Mold is always a nuisance negatively impacting the physical presentation and comfortability of commercial buildings. With commercial properties, it is essential that all proactive measures be strategically placed to combat mold growth. Potential mold breeding grounds should be identified and taken care of immediately. Additionally, aspects that promote mold growth such as water and wet surroundings ought to be paid heed as well. For this reason, there are effective approaches to be utilized in the fight against mold.These include the use of building materials that are mold-resistant, like mold-resistant wood, premium cellulose insulation, and mold-resistant paint on newly constructed walls.Also, the utility of dehumidifiers that maintain the humidity in a commercial building at levels below 50% is essential. An influx of humidity in the interior environment of a commercial building provides a conducive environment for molds to thrive on the walls, roof, and floor of the property.Wet grounds are critical for the survival of mold spores. Consequently, commercial building grounds both exterior and interior should be kept dry to prevent microbial growth. Janitors should dry floors completely after cleaning to ensure unwanted moisture is clear of all areas. Water or liquids that accidentally pour on floors or furniture should be cleaned immediately to prevent further seeping. Drainage of liquids into floors and furniture presents a favorable environment for mold growth.If your commercial building has a mold problem, it is imperative to place all strict measures to fight its growth. Above all, seeking the services of an entity with high skilled techniques for mold removal is vital. SERVPRO of Lake Forest South/ Laguna Woods can do this for you, with years of experience in the restoration business.

Hello Summer! Hello... Wildfires?!

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Welcome to summer Torrance! It is the time for barbecues, pool parties and all things that will finally draw us out of the room we’ve been stuck in through the thicks of quarantine. Take this season to reconnect with friends and loved ones, and in the process, stay safe! As temperatures rise, especially in Southern California, the risk of wildfires increases dramatically. We are well acquainted with the routine each year, waiting to see which valley dusted in brush chooses to ignite itself and spread. The Earth has always behaved this way, but the forces of mother nature are to be reckoned with when met with civilization. That is why SERVPRO is here to provide helpful insight for our customers. Here are some things to consider implementing during peak fire season:

  • Cleaning your HVAC unit to avoid tracking faults that may cause a fire
  • Storing propane and gas tanks correctly, and paying heed to their release valves so high ambient temperatures do not increase fire risk
  • Test your fire alarms
  • Prepare an emergency ready kit and plan

These are just a few of the things you can do as a property owner or a heedful occupant to prepare your space for the season’s wrath. But do not worry! SERVPRO is here “Faster to any disaster!” Read our blogs to learn more about fire damage preparedness and what we can do for you in all types of property damage situations.